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Sachin Tendulkar vs Pakistan 2003 world cup


Sachin Tendulkar, the best batsman of modern era, batted brilliantly against pakistan in cricket world cup 2003 in south africa.
He hit Shoaib Akhtar for amazing six in that inning.
Sachin Tendulkar has been the most wholesome batsman of his time, and arguably the biggest cricket icon as well.
His batting is based on the purest principles: perfect balance, economy of movement, precision in stroke-making, and that intangible quality given only to geniuses, anticipation. If he doesn’t have a signature stroke – the upright, back-foot punch comes close – it is because he is equally proficient in each of the full range of orthodox shots (and plenty of improvised ones as well) and can pull them out at will.

Duration : 0:7:17

[youtube fwXxGe4bL7M]

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sachin kicked …
sachin kicked everybody’s durin this game


haha same goes for …
haha same goes for you man XD


I have finally …
I have finally found a sane person on youtube! lol Cheers man 😀


exactly and wasim …
exactly and wasim akram and shoaib have gotten sachin out on great deliveries both sides play really well and its ruined b/c theyre rasict for no reason by making fun of mom’s pakistani people say drink cow eat curry(when we both do) and indian say poorkistan eat pig its so annoying repetetive not true and stupid never reflects on players abilities


:O Dude…. havent …
:O Dude…. havent seen the likes of 03:08 for a long time. ‘Great shot’ would be an understatement….


well said… …
well said… Whenever I click on a paki or indian cricket video, I always find racist and abusive comments by morons who just cant appreciate each other. Ridiculous people…

Sachins batting was brilliant though, the second consecutive four off shoaib was pure class… Well done little master….


crap quality
crap quality


bahan ke lode …
bahan ke lode pakeestani….. teri ma ke chut………….
gand marva lo tel laga ke sachin se akela hi bhari padega


Yeah, I have been …
Yeah, I have been having a lot of success with the newsletter from authoropen . com


y cant i go to one …
y cant i go to one video without having douchebags kill my mood by being racist and talking crap bout the other country noone in the cricket team of either side agrees with acting this way just stfu and enjoy there are times when sachin did good and bad dont make big deal


that SIX was …
that SIX was awesome….that too against Fuckistan!!! Lovvve it!!!


easily Sachin’s …
easily Sachin’s best innings in his illustrious ODI career….that is something because he’s played for over 20 years & in 400 ODIs….

i feel lucky to have watched it live…. 🙂


comeon master you …
comeon master you rocked centurion on that day i was lucky to watch your innings at centurion jumping in the gallery chak de indiaaaaaaa


shajhaha …
shajhaha akhtasnsmnsr who?


Long Live India!!.. …
Long Live India!!…a country like Pak keeps receing help from US and saying words about India!!…lolz…pity on u people….u lack self esteem…..India about to become No. 1 team…just wait n watch…u LOOSERS….Pak team full of drug addicts like shoiab….is isnt worth saying even a single word against India…..nyways….God bless U…


Great India group?? …
Great India group?? LMFAO!! You chutiya. India didnt even make it to the super eights they sucked THAT bad!! And to MRUSCTrojans who gives a if Pakistan hasnt won against india in a world cup match. This is the stupid excuse you Indians give because you knowPakistan’s overall head to head record against India in ODIS and Tests shows that Pakistan has won far more times. Plus we just won the world cup. Your team got kicked out in the first round. The facts speak for themselves.


you mother …
you mother pakistani… you were lucky dat pakistan was not in the great india group….


all u idiots that …
all u idiots that saying it was his lucky day tell me did pakistan ever win a world cup match against india.


Sachin always …
Sachin always answers by his Bat…rather than exchanging words…Very calm n cool minded at this very high of his career…20 long years in cricket…not a joke!!…No Cricketer has achieved this…Hats off to u Sachin…U always made us to feel proud…. Love u India!!!,,,,,


Honestly there just …
Honestly there just isnt a better game to watch in world cricket than india v pakistan.

The crowd, the noise, the passion, its just too good!

The India v Pakistan match at Centurian in the Champions Trophy is just a few days away and I can’t wait!


yeah, but that …
yeah, but that wasn’t the argument here, was it? it was that if the countries met in the final, then you would have won. given Pakistan’s record against India in all world cup matches, that’s not a given, and that is proved by the fact that they had a match 3 weeks prior to the final where Pakistan lost rather tamely.


Nice to read ur …
Nice to read ur comment buddy.. There are haters on both sides.. And everybody is not a hater.. Even I love Pakistani Punjab cuz my ancestors lived there in Lahore.
Germany, Italy and even Korea can unify one day.. But thats not possible with India and Pakistan because of this stupid hatred and the race of proving supremacy over other.


Yea when Pakistan …
Yea when Pakistan was shaking the cobwebs off in the earlier rounds. those earlier rounds dont count for shit. IT IS WINNING THE CUP that matters. You know it and I know it. how far did India go in the tournament again?


Yeah I believe …
Yeah I believe Pakistan just won the twenty twenty world cup! Get your facts right you no good arrogant indian


Clearly he was …
Clearly he was lucky on this day.. the Pakistani bowlers were more wayward than usual.


i like cricket match between india & pakistan


One of the greatest quality of him as he always find the shots which confuses the bowler as where to bowl him

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