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Sachin Tendulkar smashing the Sth Africans at Bloemfoentein


Here is Sachin Tendulkar making 155 against the Sth Africans at Bloemfoentein in 2001/02.

Duration : 0:7:10

[youtube F9dxxpEoFy0]

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That is a little …
That is a little different, get your analogies straight. Saying people’s names however the you want to say it is not innovative, it’s downright disrespectful. As a commentator, it’s his obligation to find out how to properly pronounce people’s names. What world do you live in?


when ppl can “jeez” …
when ppl can “jeez” instead of “jesus”, Ravi Shastri wd say “Ntini”. its smthng innovative, personnel, thts all, thrs no grammer mistake in that. like this, thr r plenty of examples. grow-up, dnt try to find fault of othrs like a genius.


Im bhai, I would …
Im bhai, I would disagree slightly, I would rate Border higher than Steve Waugh simply because of the better bowling he had to face, he played in the era when 4 great all rounders were at their prime, the Windies had a factory of fast bowlers, the pitches were less batting friendly, the bouncer rule was not in place and more importantly his team was not as dominant as it was during Steve Waughs time. Having said that Steve Waugh is one of the all time greats


how do u say it?
how do u say it?


didnt you see how …
didnt you see how he played in NZ and Aus recently ????


Pontinf would never …
Pontinf would never be a great in my book, because he has a major handicap against off-spin bowling. That is a fundamental flaw for a top-level player.

To me the best Aussie batsman has to be Steve Waugh. He could play in any conditions, take blows on the body and knuckle down oppositions of the calibre of Donald, Walsh, Ambrose, Wasim and Waqar. I also rate Border, Justin Langer and Hayden quite highly. To my understanding, Langer-Hayden combo was the lynchpin for Oz dominance.


This gay music is …
This gay music is annoying


hi guys..what’s the …
hi guys..what’s the name of the music used in this vid?


Oh man! Ravi …
Oh man! Ravi Shastri needs to learn how to say the players’ names properly. Annoying. N-tini? WTF.


Learn some English.
Learn some English.


i feel to decide …
i feel to decide ther best batsman in the world of our era, is not as easy.the greatest bowlers of our time, this include, WAQAR, WASIM, AMBROSE, WALSH, MACGRATH, DONALD, POLLOCK AND THE SPINNERS, WARNE, MURLI, SAQLAIN, KUMBLE always mention tendulkar and lara as the best, but steve waugh, inzi, kallis, ponting, but in my opinion bradman will the greatest ever and then its viv richards, then SACHIN AND LARA


classy innings dont …
classy innings dont understand why tendulkar plays this way these days…. doesnt even bother shaving… shabbily dressed these days. I waiting to see him hit the 50th century.


Excellent quality …
Excellent quality video!

Thank you very much.


That’s a fast …
That’s a fast pitch.


First of all sachin …
First of all sachin is the best . Now, lara is great but certainly not better than tendulkar in style and technique . If you check lara’s centuries, majority of them have been in the carribean . Lara surely has the stamina to play long but sachin is gifted with the ability to shift gears in any form of the game . Lara is’nt even close to sachin in one dayers and also in running between the wickets . I really hate it when people compare these two legends just because sachin is way ahead .


the song is clubbed …
the song is clubbed to death by rob dougan. minted century lol.


sort of agree with …
sort of agree with you.. The ‘greatest’ title is abstract.. we can look at statistics and say sachin was the best in these kind of statistics (say average/consistency etc), but not in other types.. Lara was great in other type (highest run getter etc). also sachin/lara didnt get much support from teammates those days, unlike ponting..


which song is …
which song is playing in the background?



I am not a moron to dispute the fact that Tendulkar is an exceptional player. And I know enough about cricket to understand that he is one of the greatest.

However, I do not hold him to be THE GREATEST. That’s just my opinion and if that makes you label me a ‘Pakistani’ or ‘ignorant’ then I guess, you are betraying your education and upbringing by making such imbecile remarks.


Ask Walsh, Ambrose, …
Ask Walsh, Ambrose, Wasim and Waqar too who they reckon were the best.

And also I didn’t say that any of the great bowlers you mentioned has a flawed opinion. They have their opinions, just as I have mine and you yours.

As for Steve Waugh, he is unlikely to call himself and similarly Sachin and Lara also are a part of a mutually admiring society. Lets just say that it’s been our privilege to see these 3 great batsmen in action in our era!


steve waugh has …
steve waugh has acknowledged sachin to be the best so has lara
warne mc grath and donald probably the best bowlers of 90 s have acknowledged sachin to be the best


south africa won …
south africa won the match, but Tendulkar made the SA bowlers look a bit sheepish. a good bat, not that good lately, but world class player.


that was Viru’s …
that was Viru’s debut & he got a 100 in that match


story of sachins …
story of sachins life in the 90s.
toward the end of the 90s dravid,laxman and co. started helping out a bit.


“usually finishes …
“usually finishes the business”
pure AND BULL.
just the ONE(and only ONE) inn the 153 against AUs,wher he was incredibly lucky with lbws, healy dropped an absolute sitter,and the tail also contributed.
the tendulkar 136 a few months earlier was a better innings just that akram caught the catch,the tail scored 5 runs.
so basically your judgement on batting revolves on akram holding onto a catch and healy dropping a sitter.

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