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Sachin Tendulkar – shot of lifetime


Treat to watch this shot. What is more interesting is that Caddik challenged tendulkar about his skills against short pitch balls before the match. When India won a vital toss the following day, Tendulkar was in the mood. Curiously, he reserved his most punishing strokeplay for Caddick, who seemed put out that his comments had found their way back to the Indian dressing-room. One short ball was pulled for six; a good-length one pushed back on the up through mid-off for four. By the time Tendulkar was out for a 50-ball 52, he had scored 36 of his runs off Caddick – and from just 19 balls. India were off to a flier, and Caddick finished with his most expensive analysis in one-day internationals.

Duration : 0:0:41

[youtube 5A3PSnEUJWw]

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thts a legend..
thts a legend..


Caddik ki maa bhen …
Caddik ki maa bhen ek kardi ! 😛


This is one of the …
This is one of the shot Ricky ponting, Bradman and Tendulkar used in their early days..


damn i feel sorry …
i feel sorry for Caddick… not really


Shotttttttttt!!!!!! …

November 18th, 2009 at 9:37 am

USMAN you have …
USMAN you have great point.




Pretty Good Point
Pretty Good Point


that ball was short …
that ball was short and shit. so it deserved what it got. give me a tendulker lofted cover drive when the ball is on the up, or a ponting pull shot anyday over this.


Here is the fact …
Here is the fact India has 1/7 th of the worlds population so this means every 7 th human is indian so figure out what are the odds of India producing a bats man like this i dont know exactly but those are pretty big odds


shutup fag
shutup fag


wow calm down
wow calm down


Yea that midget …
Yea that midget also plays an amazing skin flute… that fanouk!


cos ealier, it was …
cos ealier, it was like sachin out, then the match is lost
ya but now agreed, it isnt the same. cos there are players who have matured over time and now


im a pakistani but …
im a pakistani but i think tendulkar is a great gift given to the game of cricket and he just amazing to watch.


There have been …
There have been some good Indian batsmen in their team while Sachin has played for them too though.


It wasn’t a great …
It wasn’t a great ball. Caddick had his moments, but this wasn’t one of them.


well, sachin is no …
well, sachin is no doubt better than ponting, cos
australia have had champion players like shane warne, hayden, gilly, mc grath, and its always easy for ponting cos they make it easy for ponting, and they absorb a great amount of pressure from ponting, and it become easier to bat without pressure! in case of sachin, he is the only good player and the rest burden givers and not burden takers on shoulders


satchin is a class …
satchin is a class player


you piece of …
you piece of shit…most of Sachin’s centuries are against you thug handicapped old faggot…you piece of shit…go check your stats…your mother has the biggest vagina in this world…go n crawl back from where u came…you old you old piece of shit…


On the other hand, …
On the other hand, Ponting scored 4575 in 101 innings out of his 58 overseas tests at an average of 49.19, which includes 16 hundreds. As far as overseas test matches are concerned, Tendulkar holds the edge due to his stability in performance against all teams. Tendulkar has average of more than 40 against all teams; however Ricky Ponting has been struggling terribly against India. He managed only a century against India in 21 innings and could score only 438 runs at a measly average of 20.85.


Overseas matches …
Overseas matches are the best to judge the mettle of a cricket player. The alien conditions in the away matches are the ultimate test and lets compare the overseas performances of Ponting and Tendulkar.. Sachin Tendulkar piled up 7165 runs in 146 innings out of the 90 overseas test matches with a hefty average of 54.28 and has scored 24 centuries out of the 42 centuries he scored in total. CONTINUE


scoring in test …
scoring in test matches in india has always been difficult 4 teams outside subcontinent…the pitches r slow and very condusive to spinners against whom other teams always struggled…


sachin has more …
sachin has more average & strike rate than lara…


omg he is a curry …
omg he is a curry muncher how the do u munch curry also dont talk bout such a good player b/c we both know thats bs

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