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Most disgraceful moment in the history of cricket


Most disgraceful moment in the history of cricket

Underarm incident

Duration : 0:8:46

[youtube K65_spUU05s]

Categories : world cricket



thats horrible …
thats horrible aussies are the worst sports in the history of the game they could have tried and bowled a yorker the a fking dissgrace to cricket


rugby? who gives a …
rugby? who gives a … must be from NSW


Youre kidding right …
Youre kidding right? A great player pushes things ot the limit. If the refs allow it, then why would you not push it? You seem to forget a little guy called Gregan who was one of the best cheats around. But he got away with it, so fair play to him.

I think this is just some sour grapes given you cant remember the last time Australia held a trophy… No blesisloe, no Tri Nations, no Super 14. Sorry state of affairs


Andrew simmons is a …
Andrew simmons is a golliwogg


Richie McCaw cheats …
Richie McCaw cheats more in one rugby match than Australia has in 132 years of cricket. Not to mention Richard Loe “blow” and Ken Catchpole having his leg ripped to shreds by a New Zealander.


Like the last time …
Like the last time India played in Australia, I have Indians in my family and even they say that for sure Singh made those racist comments, knowing that they were racist. As for the way India jumped up and down when a decisions doesnt go their way, they look like little school girls stomping their feet in a tantrum when something doesnt go there way. Having such low self esteem about themselves that they have to say things like, if you dont change umpires we are going home.


I reckon its always …
I reckon its always a classic seeing the half of New Zealand that live in Australia getting all worked up about this. Their national sport is rugby, a game where the single biggest tactic is to bend or break the rules without getting caught. Its no different to Hillary claiming to be first when everyone knows it was Temsing or whatever his name was.


LOL, major bullshit …
LOL, major bullshit. The language group is called indo european right? You know it comes from what we now call the steppes? Sanskrit and English both came from another common language, one did not come from the other. You point to the discovery of 0, yeh India did that, good job. Still, for a billion people that isn’t that impressive.




Rofl talks immensly …
Rofl talks immensly about your convict and pedophilic background..and btw aids originated in a prison so any guess which prison.. yes ur right.. Australia.
So good job on starting something so productive and useful for the world to ponder about. the best contribution frm your country 😛

March 12th, 2009 at 5:16 am

yet only an …
yet only an australian player could complain about being called a monkey when he is probably one of the biggest racists in the game.

March 12th, 2009 at 5:16 am

im an indian …
im an indian australian so ill just say, just like you dont like people calling aussies convicts (myself included), please dont say “australia has done alot more better then India”.

For example, without the traditional sanskrit from india, we would not be speaking english. without the number 0 we discovered, maths may not be. not trying to flame just opening up the eyes.


‘I don’t go around …
‘I don’t go around “claiming my country is better than others” but…’ – again, I know it’s unfair to quote your own words against you, but their meaning was pretty clear. You said “Australia is a better country than India in basically every way”. So yes, you were claiming that your country was better than someone else’s.

If people slag off Australia then let them be ignorant and offensive. It doesn’t justify responding in kind.

March 12th, 2009 at 5:16 am

Take it easy…I am …
Take it easy…I am an Indian. We have great respect for your country and cricketers. So dont feel ridiculed. Just enjoy the video.


ahaha i don’t need …
ahaha i don’t need to argue with you. you’re clearly an idiot too immature to actually argue and just keep saying the same thing.
and if we’re going to use racial stereotypes “YOU HAVE AIDS”
ahem. yeah, it’s not very nice is it?


By that I meant …
By that I meant that there’s a lot more Australia has done better than India. which is true. I’m not saying that Australia is inherently a better country than india, that would be idiotic. And I don’t go around “claiming my country is better than others” but when i see people calling my people convicts, i get angry. and you don’t know me, so please don’t try to tell me what matters to me. thank you. i explained already that i never said culture didn’t matter. and so far no one’s ridiculed me.


i dont think that …
i dont think that winning the a game is worth employing a tactic such as that… im ashamed that my countries team had to win at all costs… if the kiwis won the game then good on them for a good run chase…. but there is no need for the comments on about “australian scum”. australia and NZ are pretty much the same country. same culture same everything pretty much. and here is a kiwi baggin out on OZ. anyways aussie cricket is only now coming out of a legendary era of winning (in good spirit)


haha, good tactics, …
haha, good tactics, they owned big time..WELL PLAYED!!!!! i wud of done the same thing..disceful my arse, divin in footy is worse.


lol 25 years ago a …
lol 25 years ago a long time? doesnt stop the aussies banging on bout bodyline does it? or as it shud be known fast leg theory lol.


wow.. i was not …
wow.. i was not even born then.. some disgraceful acts live forever and never fade… this should make the cover page on Aussie cricket record book..


Nice bit of turn on …
Nice bit of turn on that last delivery; super piece of cricket that!


dumb ing …
dumb ing aussies, nZ rox!! disgracefull!! really disgracefull! so australian


dumb ing …
dumb ing aussies… disgraceful!!! new zealand rox!


All this Australian …
All this Australian hating… for your information the captain of Australia was sacked after this debacle, and he never captained Australian again. Plus is happened a long time ago, 25 years for gods sake…

Please grow up and enough with the anti aussie anto indian dribble, we all love cricket lets not bash each other its just a game (lets bash other non loving cricket countries like the USA!!)


fuck india man…
india man…


Trevor once said ~ I bowled 736 balls in one day cricket, but the only one that’s remembered was this one.


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Thank you for the information Smit1000. People usually end up assuming lot a things and get into contentious and abusive conversation.


thanks to share the information about the cricket, i am vising on first time to your site and i really like it and i find it very use full for cricket lover


I am on the side where I agree that you should push your limits, and rather have the officials change the rules to not allow things like this. Like, give the officials more leeway to deal with random occurences like this.


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