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Where can I learn to play cricket?

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I live in Chicago (West Loop) and I would really like to learn to play cricket. Does anyone know where I could do this? I know there are a lot of teams in the area, but they all seem pretty well established with players that know what they’re doing, I’m starting from the very beginning here… I don’t even know the equipment or terminology, I just saw it on tv and it looks like something I’d like to try.

what’s a mohalla?

Well firstly if your over 18 you can play in the seniors. Usually they start with 1st Grade which is made up of good players but it goes all the way down to 5th or 6th grade. They are grades which old people, fathers and sons and people that just play for fun or just started can play.

But firstly I would recommend you to go down to the park, grab something that is shaped like a cricket bat ( in the americans’ case a baseball bat ) and get three sticks in the ground, all about knee-height, and get someone to throw balls at you. To start don’t follow through.

If you start to like it, you can get the necessary gear (pads, bat, box, gloves, helmet, spikes (if playing on turf), and maybe thigh guard.

It is a game of great fun.

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Can anybody tell me how to play cricket ?

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I’m living in Saudi Arabia, and in my city there is a lot of Indian people, they always playing cricket in the street, it makes me happy when I’m watching there are playing.

I want to know how they play cricket (the rules and scoring), because i wanna play with them.

Well there is two teams 11 men on each team but this can vary when being played at home, one side bats and one side fields, the batting team must score as many runs as possible, runs are made by running from crease to crease on (a line in the ground around half a meter in front of the stumps) how runs are made is by the fielding team member throwing the ball from one end of the pitch at the batter at the other end the batter tries to either block the ball from hitting the stumps or can smash it in any direction he feels like, the fielding teams goal is to catch or nock the stumps of the batting teams players until all batters are delared out( there are two batters on the pitch at one time both can be caught out or stumped) the stumps are the three sticks with another two sticks sitting on top of the three sticks.

Batters can also be run out as they try to score runs the way that happens is if one of the fielders grabs the ball after it has been hit and either throws it at the stumps or knocks the stumps if the batter who is running in the direction of the stumps that have just been knocked and he doesn’t make it to the crease (line) before the stumps are knocked then he is out fielders must cooperate with great concentration to achieve a run out.

After the batting team is all out then it’s the fielding teams turn to bat and the batting teams turn to field the batting team must now try to get more runs than the previose team to win if they are all bowled out, caught out or run out before they can score more runs than the opponets teams run score than than they have lost.
Another way for a teams to swap is when the overs are all depleted, which is when all bowlers have used up there bowls.

Bowlers: each fielder gets 2 overs each, an over is made up of 6 bowls.

That’s all I know sorry if it is confusing.
Hope you enjoy the world of playing the wonderful game of cricket.
From a true blue AUSSIE (Australian).

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Where can I play cricket when I have no pitch?

My friend recently got me started on cricket, but we can’t exactly find any official cricket pitch near here to play an actual game. I live in a small town in Wisconsin, and he suggested a baseball field, a soccer field, or just some empty lot somewhere.

There are plenty of baseball and soccer fields around here. The problem is, people are very protective about their property around here and I don’t know if we’d be able to use any of them.

Any suggestions?

If you live in Wisconsin, there is club which plays year round cricket. Indoor in winter and outdoor in summer. Summer season starts this weekend, wanna enroll go to Milwaukee Cricket or let me know i am a member for last 4 year and it is fun all year around.

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I used to play baseball at a very high level, and I have excellent hand-eye coordination. I also have a very strong throwing arm and good speed. I would love to try playing cricket. I was wondering if anyone knew about leagues in the united state that were available to play in. I live in Michigan, and i would travel to Ontario if i had to.

There’s a group called CricketUSA that is just what you’re looking for!

Check out their website:

And there’s a Yahoo! group too:

And here’s a cricket website that lists cricket websites:

And one final one:

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I’d like to watch or play cricket near London. What is the best way?

I’m trippng to London in July. Although I don’t know much about cricket, I’d like to watch it at least.

Is cricket really popular in the UK? Can I watch it easily in the park or somewhere? And I wonder if women usually play cricket.

I suggest you contact Lords Cricket Ground or the Oval. Whether cricket is popular seems to depend upon how well England are beating Australia!!!

Women do play cricket but it is not usual. However we do have county sides as well as a national side. for some details, contact or contact:

Marylebone Cricket Club

Lord’s Cricket Ground

St John’s Wood

London NW8 8QN

General switchboard: 020 7616 8500

They will be very helpful!  Cricket can be both fun and boring, so watch out! Someone said it’s a little like fishing – nothing can happen for ages then there is activity. I like watching cricket but do not play Enjoy!

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Is there a rule that only those countries which were ruled by Britain before or have some British connection can play cricket? Could this be the reason why there aren’t so many countries playing cricket?

Not at all. There is no bar for any country to play cricket.

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Is Mohammad Yousaf ever likely to play cricket for Pakistan again?

I think he has been banned by the PCB but am not sure why. Surely, one of the greatest ever Pakistani batsman deserves more respect than that after all he has done for Pakistani cricket!

Mark my words.” Yes he will.” He is a great player. And Pakistan’S Cricket is full of politics. But he will play in future.

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Work, Study and Play Cricket in College in England!!!! Is it Possible?

I’m an 18 year old Jamaican who is planning to come to England April 2011 to go to college at age 20 to study and play college cricket while work to maintain myself…do you think its a good idea or will I face great hardships in my aim??

You are in the best stage of your life. It’s never going to be easy. If you can spend the next years wisely it can make you or brake you if you didn’t. fortune favours the brave man.

Be brave.

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Hey guys,

I’m new to Jayanagar I want to play cricket. I tried finding some places, but no1 plays cricket ball cricket Almost every1 play tennis ball cricket.. I saw some nets in Jayanagar stadium, but found nobody using them. Anybody knows where can I play cricket ball cricket in Jayanagar, Bangalore

The only thing I can think is maybe contact your city’s cricket association and ask them which teams are operating in your area, they should be able to tell you

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Where can I play cricket in Juhu, Mumbai by paying a certain amount every month?

I want to start playing cricket again, preferable in the mornings. Are there any coaching institutes that I would be able to go and pay them a certain amount every month?

Location would be anywhere from Bandra to Juhu.

Join an academy near to u

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