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How hard is it to learn to play cricket?

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I’ve played a little baseball, but never a real cricket game, but I’m thinking of starting a club at my school, do u think this is a good idea?

I played Cricket (in Japan of all places). It is a totally fun game and one that has been played for a very long time.

To get a really great overview go to the following link.

Plus, I can guarantee that you will get a lot of attention while playing and that is never bad.

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I saw the South African and England one dy players practice like this. The batsman stands opposite a net, and the feeder throws balls underarm between ankle and shin height to simulate a half volley or full toss. The batsman hits the ball back into the net.

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How to play cricket – the pull shot.

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How to Play Cricket – The Pull Shot

I am always looking for ways how to play cricket more feffectively. This is my version of a drill I saw the South African batsmen doing before a one day match. My dad is throwing the balls at me about shoulder height, and I am pulling them into a net

Duration : 0:2:25

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I’d like to watch or play cricket near London. What is the best way?

I’m trippng to London in July. Although I don’t know much about cricket, I’d like to watch it at least.

Is cricket really popular in the UK? Can I watch it easily in the park or somewhere? And I wonder if women usually play cricket.

I suggest you contact Lords Cricket Ground or the Oval. Whether cricket is popular seems to depend upon how well England are beating Australia!!!

Women do play cricket but it is not usual. However we do have county sides as well as a national side. for some details, contact or contact:

Marylebone Cricket Club

Lord’s Cricket Ground

St John’s Wood

London NW8 8QN

General switchboard: 020 7616 8500

They will be very helpful!  Cricket can be both fun and boring, so watch out! Someone said it’s a little like fishing – nothing can happen for ages then there is activity. I like watching cricket but do not play Enjoy!

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Work, Study and Play Cricket in College in England!!!! Is it Possible?

I’m an 18 year old Jamaican who is planning to come to England April 2011 to go to college at age 20 to study and play college cricket while work to maintain myself…do you think its a good idea or will I face great hardships in my aim??

You are in the best stage of your life. It’s never going to be easy. If you can spend the next years wisely it can make you or brake you if you didn’t. fortune favours the brave man.

Be brave.

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I have got a project on this question some answers would be good. What has Sir Donald Bradman done to change how Australia play cricket now??

Wow, how to answer this… Deciphering the difference between 1928 n 2008, I’ll throw something down that maybe able to help u out. Batting between the years of 1930 n 1950 he endured a lot of different cricketing styles, none more prominant then the ‘body line’ series.

Being the sporting idol through the ‘great depression’ I spose you could say that would of inspired a lot of Australians to follow in his footsteps, meaning follow ur dreams amd never say die attitude. Australia to this day has that same attitude towards anything we do.

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I’m a huge cricket fan and I was wondering what the following of cricket is in the U.S. I realise a lot of Americans think it’s a silly sport, but surely some people like to play!

~ Navtej Kohli aka Tej Kohli

Like what other people have been saying it’s played by expats, immigrants, and students from cricket nations. If you lived in an area that had a large amount of people from India or Pakistan , say like New Jersey or New York City then people have formed cricket teams and leagues.

I don’t think cricket is silly it’s just that in the USA we are a baseball playing nation.In the America’s baseball is huge in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama, and Venezuela Of course American Football is the #1 sport in the USA in regards to overall popularity. If you want to watch the Cricket World Cup you’ll have to buy a satellite dish and pay extra money for the cricket since it’s not on any of the regular channels that show sports.

Cricket has no heritage or tradition in the USA, because we took the British game of rounders and adapted it into baseball. This happened in the early 1800’s. In fact it is very unlikely many American children even would ever play cricket.

You see in the USA students have many choices in deciding what sport to play and it ranges from American Football to Wrestling. At the high school and college level there’s no official cricket teams.

Yes we do have a cricket association, but it was suspended. Read the details of what happened.

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A guide on how to play cricket. A “Ben and James” production. Episode I Series I. Great fun and if you like then you can subscribe for the rest of the series!! Enjoy…

Duration : 0:4:4

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