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Announcement: Cricket Rules

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If you are new to cricket you will need to understand the basic cricket rules first. There are many rules to learn about this fantastic game. Cricket is a game played by two teams of eleven players. One side bats first and the other side fields.

The goal of the team batting first is to score as many runs as possible and the goal of the team fielding is to take ten wickets (a wicket is when a player is out). This will leave one player in the batting side not out, as you can not bat without one of your team at the other end. After both teams have batted the team with the most runs wins!

The Start of a Cricket Match

The captain that wins the toss (flipping a coin) gets to choose either to bat or bowl first. Two players from the batting team go out to bat. Their other nine players support their team off the field of play waiting for their turn at bat.

The game is played by the bowler, bowling the cricket ball to try and get the batsman out. There are four way to do this:

Bowled – this is when the bowler bowls the ball and the batsman missed it and it hits the wickets.

Caught – This is when the batsman hit the ball in the air and one of the eleven players in the field catches the ball before it hits the ground.

Hit Wicket – When a batsman hits and dislodges the bails during the course of a shot, he will be given out as “Hit-Wicket” and the wicket belongs to the bowler.

L.B.W. (Leg Before Wicket) This is when the ball hits the batsman on the leg and in the opinion of the umpire the ball would have hit the wickets.

Run Out – This is when the batsman runs between the wickets at each end and the fielding team break the wickets before he makes the other end.

Scoring Runs The way the batsmen score runs is by either hitting the ball to the boundary. (which is the circle that is placed around the pitch about sixty yards away from the pitch) The ball has to be hit over this boundary to score four runs.

If it is hit over the boundary on the full the batting team scores six runs. The other way to score runs is when the two batsmen run between the wickets. (22 yards apart) this counts as one run.

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Hey guys,

I’m new to Jayanagar I want to play cricket. I tried finding some places, but no1 plays cricket ball cricket Almost every1 play tennis ball cricket.. I saw some nets in Jayanagar stadium, but found nobody using them. Anybody knows where can I play cricket ball cricket in Jayanagar, Bangalore

The only thing I can think is maybe contact your city’s cricket association and ask them which teams are operating in your area, they should be able to tell you

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Is it okay to play cricket on concrete?

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Is it okay to play cricket on the street in front of my house? Or will that tear up the leather cricket ball and the bat? Could I replace the ball with a tennis ball, for practice on the conrete? Will this majorly effect my bowling technique?

The best way to play backyard (or street) cricket is with a tennis ball, but get some electrical tape and tape the ball up. otherwise the ball is too light, bounces too much, and doesn’t carry as far in the air as a normal cricket ball.

If you want to be able to swing the ball, tape one side heavily and only put a little on the other side. as other people have said, don’t use a leather cricket ball on the street as it will deteriorate quickly, but I wouldn’t even use it on yard grass, it doesn’t bounce enough and it’s too hard for the small space.

Taped-up tennis balls are the way to go. Best compromise you can get. As for the bat, most people have a very cheap, very thin cricket bat that they only use for backyard cricket. If you don’t, get one. They usually come with a dodgy little red tennis ball and stumps, all for about ten bucks.

Who cares if it wears on the toe? It’s disposable. using a match bat is overkill… and most players put “shoe goo” on the toe of their bats to protect against wear anyway.

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