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Tell me some online stores where we can buy Cricket Bats?

I want delivery to USA.

Check, i.e., . They deliver anywhere in the USA.

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Cricket is always looking to improve its global credentials, and in Nepal the sport looks to be knocking at an open door. Bordered by cricket superpower India, Nepal is quickly establishing its own cricketing culture.

The country’s junior teams are already a force in Asia, while the long term ambition is to qualify for a world cup. In the first of our special reports on sport in Nepal, Sportsworld’s Andy Richardson reports from the capital Kathmandu.

Duration : 0:9:21

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Where can I play cricket when I have no pitch?

My friend recently got me started on cricket, but we can’t exactly find any official cricket pitch near here to play an actual game. I live in a small town in Wisconsin, and he suggested a baseball field, a soccer field, or just some empty lot somewhere.

There are plenty of baseball and soccer fields around here. The problem is, people are very protective about their property around here and I don’t know if we’d be able to use any of them.

Any suggestions?

If you live in Wisconsin, there is club which plays year round cricket. Indoor in winter and outdoor in summer. Summer season starts this weekend, wanna enroll go to Milwaukee Cricket or let me know i am a member for last 4 year and it is fun all year around.

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Where can I get free live cricket video streaming links for Natwest ODI series between England and India?

This is a link that may interest you for live cricket

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So when was the last time you went to the stadium to see a live cricket match? Chances are there that it was a long time ago, but if quizzed about cricket news you will surely say it was just a few moments ago. Cricket news has become very important for fans these days because of the increasing number of matches being played and also due to the fact that many things are happening both on and off the cricket field. Cricket fans are always on the look out for cricket news to know about all that is happening in the cricket world.

The biggest event in the world of cricket, the ICC Cricket World Cup is just round the corner. All participating teams are extremely busy playing matches with opponents before the actual event and making strategies to win the world cup. All major news channels, newspapers and tabloids are making an effort to give all the latest cricket news to fans who want to know about all that is happening. Not just because of cricket world cup, cricket news has always been sought after by all fans that follow the game seriously.

There are different sources through which fans can know cricket news. Television is a preferred medium and fans prefer to watch sports channels that cater specially to cricket news about different happenings in the field of cricket. One can find channels specially dedicated to cricket and giving all the cricket news to fans. Also, some news channels have special segments dedicated to cricket news. Television channels however are not a good option for fans who lead a very busy professional life.

There are means for such fans that allows them to be in touch with the latest events. They can read tabloids and newspapers to know about the most recent happenings through cricket news. Fans can carry the newspaper with them to almost all the places they go. Whenever they have spare time, they can look up and read about the most recent happenings in cricket news. Team selections have always intrigued the cricket fan, and cricket news from any medium is welcome to them as long as they get authentic news about team compositions.

Online sites are another good option for people who are very busy with their occupation and still want to be acquainted with cricket news. All they need to have is a computer that is internet enabled and they can know about anything related to cricket that they wish to know. News, latest scores, team selections and discussion about any controversy that takes place in the cricket world are some of the things fans can know through these cricket dedicated sites.

So no matter in what corner of the world a match is taking place and your favorite team and players are taking part, you can know all about the match through cricket news. For dedicated cricket fans, going to the stadium to watch a live match or catching up with a live match on television may not always be possible. However with the different modes of communication available to them, they can always know about cricket pong tables

Ella Wilson

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Where can I buy cricket bats in Brampton or Mississauga in Canada?

In Brampton, Kennedy & clarence intersection there is a Tamil shop near china town

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The world championship of any event is widely anticipated and looked forward by all fans and players who are involved with the game. News about the event is very important during the world championship and the game of cricket is no different from the rest of the games. Cricket news is the best and the most authentic source through which fans can come to know all about the latest happenings in the world of cricket. The sources for fans to come to know about cricket news are plenty and the onus is on your decide what means you want to use for knowing cricket news.

The way news are broadcast or published by the media has undergone a sea change since the old days. Now there are lots of television news channels and newspapers and getting all information about what is happening in the cricket world both on and off the field has become very easy through cricket news. In fact, with so many channels and newspapers available, fans are spoilt with opportunities. Cricket news will tell you in details about all the happenings in the cricket world.

In fact, you can come to know about the personal lives of cricketers also through cricket news. Due to the world cup that is taking place at the West Indies, cricket news is all the more watched by fans these days. Sometimes it feels that we are being served with an overdose of cricket news. It is not that we must listen to all the cricket news that is being broadcast. You can choose particular programs in certain news channels and filter out what cricket news or cricket programs that you want to watch.

The online sites are another source which you can use to know about cricket news. There are several cricket dedicated sites and fans can find all that they wish on such sites. We all know that it is not always possible for a busy professional to catch up with the live broadcast of cricket match on television. So for this reason, checking out the cricket websites to know about the latest cricket news and the latest scores of a live game is a good option for them. These days almost all working professionals have access to internet enabled computer, so they can know about the latest cricket score even at their work stations.

Knowing about the latest cricket news or the latest score of a live match is not the only thing that can be accomplished through online sites. Most sites have different sections where fans can take part in different online games. Many of the sites provide this game free of cost to visitors, so they can play them without any hassles. There are not one, but several sites that can be the source for fans to update all their cricket related information. Cricket news can keep you informed about all that is happening in the world of cricket. What is more depending on the type of coverage that is provided; you can actually see your favorite cricketer in a different light.

Ella Wilson


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I used to play baseball at a very high level, and I have excellent hand-eye coordination. I also have a very strong throwing arm and good speed. I would love to try playing cricket. I was wondering if anyone knew about leagues in the united state that were available to play in. I live in Michigan, and i would travel to Ontario if i had to.

There’s a group called CricketUSA that is just what you’re looking for!

Check out their website:

And there’s a Yahoo! group too:

And here’s a cricket website that lists cricket websites:

And one final one:

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This is Cricket: 4 min overview

Always wanted to know what Cricket was, but didn’t have anyone to ask?  Well here is a 4 minute overview of the sport.

Duration : 0:4:5

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By simply glancing at cricket stats, one can tell the ability of a player. Well it is not possible to say exactly how efficient a player is on the field, but one can get a rough idea about his abilities on the field. For cricket fans, cricket stats are of utmost importance. When a match is going on live, there are several sources through which one can come to know about the score and the overall conditions of a match.

If that is not possible, watching the match live on television is another option. Through this, fans can catch up with a match which is being played anywhere in the world. One can also listen to commentary on the radio and check out the online sites to know about the latest score of the match. Whatever may be the source that they use, they will not be able to get proper cricket stats from there.

For fans that are very serious about the game they need to know about cricket stats. The cricket stats can be about their favorite player or team. Basically, cricket stats are important for fans that are more statistically inclined. Statistics can tell about many elements related to the game of cricket. Cricket stats can be found from many sources; but for fans, the best source are newspapers, magazines and online sites.

The plus points of looking up cricket stats from these sources are that you can store the record with you as long as you want. You can keep a cutting of the newspaper section which has the cricket stats printed. You can keep this for reference purposes and anytime you want to either confirm or cross check any of the records broken by your favorite team or players, you can look at those cuttings. That is not all; you can come to know about many statistics which many people may not have been aware of it at all.

The online sites, which are devoted to cricket, are another source through which fans can know about all the cricket stats. Visitors to such sites can take print outs of the statistics and keep it with them for the purpose of reference. So the next time your favorite team or player takes to the field all you need to do is have a glance at the cricket stats and you will instantly come to know about what record they can achieve in a match and what records they can make. You just need to have updated information about all cricket stats.

Cricket stats can sometime throw up very interesting figures, which normally we may not have been aware of. Most of us know that Sachin Tendulkar is the leading century scorer in both test matches and one day internationals as well. But I doubt how many fans know the number of matches he required to score his first century or the number of years he took after debut to score it. Such interesting facts and many others can be known only after one goes through cricket stats.

Ella Wilson

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