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Sachin Tendulcar is the best batsman in world cricket. His current world record of over 12,000 test runs and climbing after his 160 not out in Hamilton New Zealand. The little master has a huge range of shots all around the wicket. His 160 was made up of 14 fours but no sixes, which came as a surprise to many!

In an interview with the New Zealand press after his big hundred he said that he couldn’t understand why he got a standing ovation, maybe they think this is my last tour here. 

Tendulcar is 35 year old but he could play for another 5 years as he is still a great player and age seems to have no effect on his batting.

The test players from around the world respect Tendulcar as the little genius goes about scoring hundred after hundreds. The fans in India regard him as god like thats how good this guy is!



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Nike Cricket Crazy

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Cricket Crazy sms NIKE to 7007 to get this on your mobile….

Chk out the most amazng Nike TVC ever produced!!

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Willow wood used probably because it is very stiff, shock resistant, and light weight. We need our cricket bats to be both light and be able to absorb a lot of shock that comes from hitting the ball hard.

Besides all that, its traditional to make cricket bats out of willow.

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Cricket is a fantastic game, which is cherished by almost every people. People love to watch cricket more during World Cricket Cup. Although there are so many cricket fans but only few people take out time to watch it from their daily work. During world cup you go for a holiday mood to enjoy the world cup. Many countries compete against each other to win the World Cup. It’s a matter of high esteem for a country to win the world cup. Winning a world cup brings so manys reimbursement and perks for a player as well as a country.

International Cricket Council for the first time organized world Cup Cricket in 1975.  West Indies defeated Australia in the final and won the tournament. One-day cricket match was born from a test match. Though one-day cricket is of short duration but is very fascinating to watch. The event is held after every four years. world cup cricket is a world level premier championship, which is played between countries to fight for the title of world champions.

Cricket is one of the popular sports in the world. It is most viewed in Asian, African and Caribbean nations. The ICC is expanding its wing in other parts of the world, bringing more and more countries to join the world cup club. ICC is focusing its development plans on African, Asian and United States aiming to bring more nations into this club. At present there are sixteen nations playing for the world cup. Every country plays with complete dedication and makes new records. Players are on foreign ground where they represent their nation. This is the platform where they can prove their capabilities and bring reputation to their nation.

There are many offers for the cricket fans who want to enjoy all the matches of World Cup Cricket. The hotels are available at reasonable prices. You can avail these offers online; you do not need to hire an agent. You can simply log on to those sites that provide facilities for booking air tickets and other facilities. The air tickets and hotels are affordable for you and so you can have a complete enjoyable tour.

Cricket fever can be seen everywhere during the world cup. People tune in to those channels where there is discussion on cricket or a live match is shown. All around you will find people talking about cricket. Even you can hear world cup live on FM and local radio channels. All TV channels put discussion on cricket with the experts. Its all about cricket fever where you walk cricket, talk cricket, sleep cricket, eat cricket. You can get cricket news on Internet, newspaper, sports and news channel.

Australia is the most successful team who became triumphant thrice, then comes West Indies who won twice and India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan have each won once. Everybody is crazy to know the scores made by a team. This is one of the important happenings, which everybody wants to know. World Cup Cricket is one of the most challenging event for a player where they prove themselves. Itâ??s a dream come true for a player to play the world cup cricket.

The ninth World Cricket is being hosted by West Indies. They are organizing this event with great cheer and fun. Through this event they are also promoting their tourism. This Caribbean island of West Indies will make many new records and scores. The World Cricket Cup schedule is being deployed on Internet, magazines, newspapers and TV channels. You can access any of the mediums to get latest happenings in world cup cricket.

Ella Wilson


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Cricket Bat (Shah) [shahcricketbat113

$63.24 Click to enlarge Made in India. Marketing By: Shah Sports & Co., Dhaka, Bangladesh. This product is highly recommended by players. Availability: We deliver this product anywhere in Bangladesh. This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 19 February, 2005. Shopping Cart 1 x Sweet Badam

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Why are cricket bats still made of willow?

Do we have something against the willow, trees in general or sports manufacturing progress in general for some reason?

~its the well suited wood for it.~

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How to Play Cricket – The Pull Shot

I am always looking for ways how to play cricket more feffectively. This is my version of a drill I saw the South African batsmen doing before a one day match. My dad is throwing the balls at me about shoulder height, and I am pulling them into a net

Duration : 0:2:25

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Online Live Cricket Score?

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Online Live Cricket score asia cup and all cricket matches for live match streaming for Asia Cup and other live cricket matches… for live match streaming for wimbledon and other live tennis matches… for live match streaming for euro football matches… you can watch all matches from ipl, teast, one day live on or

Get live scores, see live match, get exiting gifts by reffering your friends and have dinner with your fav hero and much more get from and also get all live scores for cricket matches with live video telecast with high DVD quality

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Is there any free mobile application or wap site for nokia 6233 which provides live cricket scores?i tried CRICKZENGA and CRICKET COMPANION but it takes 30 paise per page…


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I’d like to watch or play cricket near London. What is the best way?

I’m trippng to London in July. Although I don’t know much about cricket, I’d like to watch it at least.

Is cricket really popular in the UK? Can I watch it easily in the park or somewhere? And I wonder if women usually play cricket.

I suggest you contact Lords Cricket Ground or the Oval. Whether cricket is popular seems to depend upon how well England are beating Australia!!!

Women do play cricket but it is not usual. However we do have county sides as well as a national side. for some details, contact or contact:

Marylebone Cricket Club

Lord’s Cricket Ground

St John’s Wood

London NW8 8QN

General switchboard: 020 7616 8500

They will be very helpful!  Cricket can be both fun and boring, so watch out! Someone said it’s a little like fishing – nothing can happen for ages then there is activity. I like watching cricket but do not play Enjoy!

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