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Nike Cricket Crazy


To view video, click on the post title

Cricket Crazy sms NIKE to 7007 to get this on your mobile….

Chk out the most amazng Nike TVC ever produced!!

Duration : 0:2:2

[youtube Ib3WSzJyqVQ]



one great sport. …
one great sport. two great nations. one love.


can any1 tell …

can any1 tell me where to download the song in this commercial..


the condensed …
the condensed version is better


This is a Konkani …
This is a Konkani song sung in Goa, India


thanks for the …
thanks for the history, try tellin a pakistani that!


actually its the …
actually its the exact same since they were the exact same country fool! 😛 😉


whoa whoa no …
whoa whoa no pakistan! just india lol




Have you ever …
Have you ever wished or dreamed for something? Have you ever wanted something soooo much…. then I’m Your Fairy… all your…wishes at my command…. I can make all your fantasies come true… I will bring you into a world of sexual magic.. I have a spell, I’m a fairy… and I can make all Your fantasies come true… all you need is to taste one of my potions 🙂 come visit me at – Play-Cam _dot_ COM – my user-id there is Alexa-uimq Mwah x


what song is that!? …
what song is that!? lolll love the ad beutiful to capture the love for cricket in india/pakistan


yeah its the same …
yeah its the same in pak minus the elepahant lol


speak proper less …
speak proper less insulting english children we invented itwe spell it


This is the true …
This is the true spirit of India. Everything comes in it. The movie hoardings on the roads, the elephant, the traffic jam, the funny looking traffic policeman, the hot humid weather and most of all the Great Indian Cricket Craziness


Collect the free …
Collect the free money now. Hi guys- register now with the Referral Code JUSTMORE to grab the 600 Dollar free Bonus at Fulltiltpoker com! Americans welcome!!


No, it really isnt. …
No, it really isnt. The Indians are insulted because they deserved it. My family, friends, colleagues and everybody I have ever met is very happy to see me and respects me. So to put it simply, you are wrong, again!


On your profile, …
On your profile, you pose the question, “Hmm…why can’t we all just get along?” Yet you insult the Indians on this thread and resort to shooting them all. You are nothing but a racist, bigoted moron apologist. You’re an utter disgrace to yourself, your family, and anyone who ever has the misfortune to have any contact with you. Every comment you make only makes it clearer what a close-minded fool you are. Case closed.


“Speak English, you …
“Speak English, you Indian moron.”

Omitting the comma would imply that ‘English you Indian moron’ is a language. To avoid the confusion, a comma is needed.

English is capitalized because it comes from the proper noun England. Words derived from proper nouns are always capitalized.


So by your own …
So by your own logic (resorting to personal insults etc) you are showing signs of weakness. (As far as I am aware calling someone a loser amounts to a personal insult). As for the American spelling, no, you are using our language spell it our way! And I did include the alternate spelling in the brackets. The capitalisation (zation) of english can be debated, but you are simply wrong about the moron bit. There CAN be a comma, but there is no NEED for it.


Resorting to …
Resorting to personal insults only shows a sign of weakness.
Furthermore, English is a name of a language, and therefore must be capitalized (notice the spelling of capitalize – Zee, NOT ‘S’ [You’re on an American website, spell it our way]) in any context. When referring to someone as a moron, a comma is needed.


I see you are …
I see you are speaking from experience (re the frustrations). As for your above “corrections” no english in reference to the language does not need to be capitalised (or zed). Further there is no need for a comma in either of those sentences. You seem to be an idiot.


Learn some English …
Learn some English (English must be capitalized), (comma) moron.

Learn to spell, (comma) you Indian moron.

You seem frustrated.
One must note that frustration of such individuals is caused by loneliness, isolation, insecurity, and loss of self-confidence. His experiences of being bullied may have been a contributing factor as well. The sadness of these people should be used for hilarity purposes only. So, go ahead, laugh at him for the loser he is, but do not comment back.


You’re most likely …
You’re most likely a Paki.


do you know who …
do you know who sings the song?

ive just come back from goa – lovely place


I love cricket its …
I love cricket its so much fun!


rofl rite in the …
rofl rite in the balls

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