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What does size 6 or like size 4 mean for cricket bats?

I was wandering what that meant when it said like size 6 or size four, how big is that.

Is that a youth size or could size 6 be for older people.


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We all love to immortalize our heroes in one form or the other. Stars and idols are people we always look up to and search for ways to emulate them in our real lives. People have icons in all walks of live including sports. Among sports, the game of cricket has thrown up several legends who have been wonderful players of the game. This is not to say that other games do not have idols or heroes, but it is just that cricket is a very popular sport. Cricket image gallery is one simple source that can help in immortalizing your heroes.

Cricket as a game is immensely popular in several corners of the world. The game is very popular and followed like a religion in some countries of the Indian Subcontinent likes India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The game is also widely followed in other countries like Australia, England, and South Africa besides many others. Cricket image gallery basically is a collection of photographs of cricket players. There are several sources through which fans can get hold of these pictures.

The invention of internet has made things very easy for all of us, especially cricket fans. Online websites on the internet is the easiest source through which fans can find those cricket image galleries. In the image gallery, one can find pictures of all well-known cricketers. Some rare and memorable images are also found in cricket image gallery on the web. Fans may have to devote some time and search for this. Well if you are a great fan of all those cricket players, spending some time to search for those images from cricket image gallery should not be a difficult thing for you.

Cricket image gallery consists of images that captivate the different aspects of the life of your cricket idol. One can find pictures of players in action on the field. It can be the picture of your favorite player playing his trademark shot, picture of a bowler in his deliver stride or the picture when he is about to deliver the ball.

Picture of cricketers airborne during fielding action or when they are excited after claiming a wicket are very popular pictures in cricket image gallery. Fans love to collect such pictures from online cricket image gallery and put them in their private collection. If you happen to find out a rare picture, you will surely be envied by all your fiends. After all, you have something rare in your collection which they do not have.

A classic example of this is the picture of Jonty Rhodes taking a wonderful catch to dismiss a batsman. This picture is very popular among cricket fans and you can find this picture in a cricket image gallery on the web.

Cricket image gallery also contains pictures of cricketers when they are sweating it out in the nets or when they are just relaxing with their friends. Family pictures of your favorite cricketer can also be found in cricket image gallery on sites available on the web. You can build up your own private collection with all these images and have a cricket image gallery of your own.

Ella Wilson

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History is meant to take you in the past and remind you of certain aspects or glorious moments that have added magnificence to your days. Be it cricket history or any other, history is always interesting.

The main reason behind this is that history unfolds some of the most interesting facts that may have been unknown to many of us. Cricket history has some moments that tell that this game had been really exciting in the past. It tells that international test series started in 1877. You get to know about the cricket legends of those times and their style of playing the game.

Are you an ardent fan of Sachin, Lara or Ricky Pointing or the Indian, Australian or any other team? If you are, then cricket history would surely to give you the required knowledge. With the help of detailed cricket history, you can get to know about how this game came into existence and what the concept behind it was.

Cricket is a game of speed and action, and it is this interest of cricket lovers that is being catered by different sources of communication. Are you willing to know that who were the legends that were famous for scoring most runs or who has the highest average for scoring runs? If so, then cricket history is no doubt the best thing to be checked out.

Looking back into past history has always been a source of joy for many. This game was initially played by adults in the 17th century, in some parts of Sussex and Kent. At that particular time, these were the most famous places where cricket was played. This game originated in England and was introduced in all the commonwealth nations in the next few years.

It is quite understood that if you don’t know the base of any game, then you will not be able to understand its worth and other related aspects. It is because of this cricket history has been preferred by every cricket enthusiasts. Cricket is a game of action and its history is full of action-packed performances that would be of special interest to fans.

Cricket history is a complete information bank of cricket and related facts about it. This game was introduced in North America through English colonies in 17th century. If you are a fervent cricket fan, then cricket history should be a part of your databank. The game of cricket was introduced in West Indies by colonists.

In those times, London and Dartford was the most well known clubs. Cricket history gives a deep insight into the actual game, its origin, the rules and regulation and many other things. Cricket is the favorite game of many people. At the start of a tournament, fans keep on trying to have an access to have a hand on the updated news and scores about that match.

Information in cricket history tells that the first ever international cricket game was played between USA and Canada in 1844. History is the best source of increasing one’s knowledge about cricket and to show it to others that you are the most dedicated fan of this game. In fact, cricket fans should have a thorough knowledge of cricket history to get to be little closer to their favorite game.

Cricket is such a game that your interest is bound to be on hold, when a tournament starts that has your favorite team. An added advantage of cricket history is that you will end up reading the deepest facts about the game.

Ella Wilson

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A fantastic place to find cool broadband quality sports video and audio clips to view online for free is the BBC sports website which you can find at They also have lots of great sports content for you to enjoy including the latest sports news, the latest sports results, photo galleries, scores & fixtures information and lots more besides.

The BBC sports website also has dedicated sections on their website for football, cricket, tennis, golf, rugby union, rugby league, motorsport, boxing, athletics, cycling, snooker and horse racing. is another great place to find free sports clips to watch online and they have excellent sports news coverage of a range of sports including football, cycling, motorsports, basketball, athletics, golf, winter sports, boxing, baseball, cricket, field hockey, handball, NFL, Olympics, Rugby, Rowing, Sailing, Snooker and Swimming. One thing I really like about the website is the Live Score feature which you will find on the homepage and shows you the live current scores on a range of different sports including football, tennis, cycling, motorsports, field hockey, basketball, rugby, athletics, snooker and winter sports. This site is very well designed, is constantly updated and is easy to navigate. It will definitely keep sports buffs busy for days! has a huge range of detailed and up to date sports news coverage from around the world. It is a very well laid out website which as well as having all the sports news you can handle, it also has extensive entertainment news, regional news, business news and science news.

A quality sports site which is especially good for American sports fans is Fox Sports which can be found at It has detailed extensive sports news coverage of NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, golf, tennis, football, NCAA FB, Winter Olympics, Boxing, Horse Racing, F1, WNBA and beach volleyball.

Another good sports site which covers American sports is ESPN which you can find at They mainly cover MLB, NFL, College Football, NASCAR, NBA, Golf, Tennis, NHL, Soccer, Boxing, College Basketball and Womens Basketball. They have all the scores, teams and standings for all these sports. I like the design of this site which is neat and clear.

Well that is all the sites I think you sports fans will need to feed your hunger for more info on your favourite sports and teams, I hope you like them and have lots of fun on them!

Miguel Poza

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Cricket sports video

Duration : 0:1:15

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Cricket is a game of thrill and action, as it requires speed. It is these features of the game that have always held the interest of fans in an ongoing match. It is quite obvious that cricket is one of those special games that have been acclaimed by the entire world. You will not find anyone who is sitting without opening a television or website during a tournament. In fact, the situation becomes like this that people try to make changes in their schedule or start finding websites that can provide them with online cricket score. If you are able to have access to such cricket website that give you updated online cricket score, then you are the luckiest one?

Online cricket score is a boon for all those cricket fans that do not get enough time to catch the action, either on television or in a stadium. Online cricket score tells about lots of things in a present match. You can get to know more about the number of runs being scored by a particular batsman. By knowing this, you will be able to judge and even analyze about the performance of your favorite player. An advantage of having regular access to updated online score is that fans are able to know about the form and performance of their team or player.

Online cricket score is the most preferred way of knowing exactly what is going on in a match. Say, if a tournament is going on between India and Pakistan, the value of online score increases to a great extent. The reason behind this is that the entire world, especially Indian and Pakistanis are quite eager to know the scores. It is this time that online cricket score is being most watched out things. Fans keep on checking out the cricket sites for this and have an eagle eye on the scores of both nations.

It is not just that you will be able to know about the runs that have been scored by teams or players, you also get to know about the average with which the runs are being scored and the number of wide balls, no balls and even extra runs that have being given by the bowlers. Online cricket score is not just restricted to scores or averages or showing performance levels, there is much more to it. In fact, online cricket score is the complete face of a tournament. All you have to do is log on to a particular cricket site that is offering this service and enjoys watching the updated scores.

Cricket is an important game, both for the players and the fans. As far as the players are concerned, it is this game that gives them recognition worldwide. And as per the fans, this game gives add thrill and speed to their life. Whenever a tournament takes place, many people deeply indulge themselves in the game and you get to see their emotions being busted out on watching the results of that game. It is because of the importance of this game in a fan’s life, online cricket score has made a special place for itself. In fact, it is a bonus for such professionals who don’t get to catch the action live and still can’t afford to miss the fun.

Ella Wilson


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Where can I learn to play cricket?

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I live in Chicago (West Loop) and I would really like to learn to play cricket. Does anyone know where I could do this? I know there are a lot of teams in the area, but they all seem pretty well established with players that know what they’re doing, I’m starting from the very beginning here… I don’t even know the equipment or terminology, I just saw it on tv and it looks like something I’d like to try.

what’s a mohalla?

Well firstly if your over 18 you can play in the seniors. Usually they start with 1st Grade which is made up of good players but it goes all the way down to 5th or 6th grade. They are grades which old people, fathers and sons and people that just play for fun or just started can play.

But firstly I would recommend you to go down to the park, grab something that is shaped like a cricket bat ( in the americans’ case a baseball bat ) and get three sticks in the ground, all about knee-height, and get someone to throw balls at you. To start don’t follow through.

If you start to like it, you can get the necessary gear (pads, bat, box, gloves, helmet, spikes (if playing on turf), and maybe thigh guard.

It is a game of great fun.

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Website for online cricket games?

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Can anybody tell me how to play cricket ?

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I’m living in Saudi Arabia, and in my city there is a lot of Indian people, they always playing cricket in the street, it makes me happy when I’m watching there are playing.

I want to know how they play cricket (the rules and scoring), because i wanna play with them.

Well there is two teams 11 men on each team but this can vary when being played at home, one side bats and one side fields, the batting team must score as many runs as possible, runs are made by running from crease to crease on (a line in the ground around half a meter in front of the stumps) how runs are made is by the fielding team member throwing the ball from one end of the pitch at the batter at the other end the batter tries to either block the ball from hitting the stumps or can smash it in any direction he feels like, the fielding teams goal is to catch or nock the stumps of the batting teams players until all batters are delared out( there are two batters on the pitch at one time both can be caught out or stumped) the stumps are the three sticks with another two sticks sitting on top of the three sticks.

Batters can also be run out as they try to score runs the way that happens is if one of the fielders grabs the ball after it has been hit and either throws it at the stumps or knocks the stumps if the batter who is running in the direction of the stumps that have just been knocked and he doesn’t make it to the crease (line) before the stumps are knocked then he is out fielders must cooperate with great concentration to achieve a run out.

After the batting team is all out then it’s the fielding teams turn to bat and the batting teams turn to field the batting team must now try to get more runs than the previose team to win if they are all bowled out, caught out or run out before they can score more runs than the opponets teams run score than than they have lost.
Another way for a teams to swap is when the overs are all depleted, which is when all bowlers have used up there bowls.

Bowlers: each fielder gets 2 overs each, an over is made up of 6 bowls.

That’s all I know sorry if it is confusing.
Hope you enjoy the world of playing the wonderful game of cricket.
From a true blue AUSSIE (Australian).

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World cricket cup is one tournament that cannot be missed in any case by cricket fans. The reason behind this is the power packed performances of the players and world cup teams, some of the records that are made during the matches, controversies that start up between players of different teams and many other things. With the advent of world cup tournament, what happens is that the fans start making adjustments in their daily schedules for catching the action on time. Well, the tournament in itself is one of the much awaited ones and everyone would like to see that how their favorite team or player is performing on the field.

Since the world cup is approaching, world cup teams are gearing for this biggest event. It is this tournament that will give the title of being world champions to the one team that wins final match. Every other of the world cup teams is sweating a lot on net practice sessions for improving their performances and amending all the flaws in their way of playing. After all, World cup teams will fight each other for the trophy in a fierce competition. Many of them are also developing newer strategies by competing each other in other tournaments. Well, these competitions prior to world cup will allow world cup teams to analyze the performance of opposite team and plan their game accordingly.

As far as the coming world cup is concerned, cricket enthusiasts will be on a look out for information about world cup teams. If you are an ardent cricket fan, then you would also be a part of this search. A variety of websites that deal with cricket information are providing all the details on world cup teams that are participating in world cup. Cricket enthusiasts will be able to know that if their favorite team is participating in the tournament or not. Well, it is not just about the world cup teams that you will get to know. In fact, fans will be able to know that if their favorite player is a part of the world cup teams or not.

Cricket has always been a game of interest and when it is world cup, the interest surely doubles. The reason is that teams have to go through a tough way for winning the trophy and be the world champions. They have to maintain the momentum throughout the game and see to it that runs are scored with much speed. World cup teams are taking part and will compete with each other to be on the top of ICC rankings. As world cup tournament is held after every four years, it is quite obvious that world cup teams would be working hard towards bringing consistency in their performance.

Since the game of cricket entered international level, it has been growing in popularity. Every other cricket fan tries to have access to the medium that is most suitable to them, for catching the action or knowing about world cup teams and others. Some of the fans have access to news channels that can give them information on world cup teams, while working professionals log on to various cricket websites that provide detailed information on cricket teams and related things.

Ella Wilson


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