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Announcement: Cricket Rules

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If you are new to cricket you will need to understand the basic cricket rules first. There are many rules to learn about this fantastic game. Cricket is a game played by two teams of eleven players. One side bats first and the other side fields.

The goal of the team batting first is to score as many runs as possible and the goal of the team fielding is to take ten wickets (a wicket is when a player is out). This will leave one player in the batting side not out, as you can not bat without one of your team at the other end. After both teams have batted the team with the most runs wins!

The Start of a Cricket Match

The captain that wins the toss (flipping a coin) gets to choose either to bat or bowl first. Two players from the batting team go out to bat. Their other nine players support their team off the field of play waiting for their turn at bat.

The game is played by the bowler, bowling the cricket ball to try and get the batsman out. There are four way to do this:

Bowled – this is when the bowler bowls the ball and the batsman missed it and it hits the wickets.

Caught – This is when the batsman hit the ball in the air and one of the eleven players in the field catches the ball before it hits the ground.

Hit Wicket – When a batsman hits and dislodges the bails during the course of a shot, he will be given out as “Hit-Wicket” and the wicket belongs to the bowler.

L.B.W. (Leg Before Wicket) This is when the ball hits the batsman on the leg and in the opinion of the umpire the ball would have hit the wickets.

Run Out – This is when the batsman runs between the wickets at each end and the fielding team break the wickets before he makes the other end.

Scoring Runs The way the batsmen score runs is by either hitting the ball to the boundary. (which is the circle that is placed around the pitch about sixty yards away from the pitch) The ball has to be hit over this boundary to score four runs.

If it is hit over the boundary on the full the batting team scores six runs. The other way to score runs is when the two batsmen run between the wickets. (22 yards apart) this counts as one run.

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Most disgraceful moment in the history of cricket

Underarm incident

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Best Cricket Bats In The World

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Best Cricket Bats In The World

GM,Kookabura,Hunts County,Gray Nicholas,slazenger,BDM,Puma,Woodworm….

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How to Play Cricket – Borat style

borat at college cricket thing

Duration : 0:2:23

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Preferably UK sites which have a wide range of old cricket bats. Thanks to anyone who can help, much appreciated.

Try  –

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Hi All,

Does Anyone have any opinions as to which of these cricket bats is better or how they play?

Also what Grade English Willow are these cricket bats made out of?

I am looking at the Gladius 1000 however I have no experience with this bat, can anyone tell me if this was the top of the range bat or was there higher than the 1000?

Thanks in advance!!

Nicolls Gladius 1000 is f9

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I’ve played a little baseball, but never a real cricket game, but I’m thinking of starting a club at my school, do u think this is a good idea?

I played Cricket (in Japan of all places). It is a totally fun game and one that has been played for a very long time.

To get a really great overview go to the following link.

Plus, I can guarantee that you will get a lot of attention while playing and that is never bad.

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I am looking for a video on “introduction to cricket” for complete newbies (football loving Europeans).  It should be roughly 5-6 min long.


You will get a few cricket videos here try these

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Cricket has come a long way since it was considered just to be another game, among the numerous games that people love to play and follow. Since early days cricket has been known as the game of gentleman and till date the game has qualities that make it the game more and popular. Cricket is not popular among all the countries of the world, but in countries where the game is popular fans follow the game like a religion. In fact cricket players in some of these countries are worshipped like gods. The game today is played by many countries of the world and the major tournament that all teams want to win in cricket is World cup. The event is organized by the international cricket council or ICC the world wide recognized governing body of cricket. This event is held after every four years.

Games played some certain teams are hugely seeked after by fans. A cricket match that is played against India and Pakistan has a different excitement and feel altogether. The main reason is that both these countries have had hostile relations in the past and their supporters simply not want to see them lose a game against their opponent. However cricket is much beyond all this and it is all about playing a good game on a given day to beat the opponent team. Teams plan out different strategies to beat their opponent on the field, but at the end it all depends on how a team actually performs on the field on a given day.

The Ashes is another keenly contested trophy and fans of both the England and the Australian cricket team love to see their team perform well and win the trophy. High quality cricket delivers by both the sides is one of the reasons why a huge number of fans look forward to this tournament. Currently Australia holds the title of winning the Ashes title. Last time it was the English team which won this after defeating the Australian team in a very well contested series played in England. The world cup is another tournament that all teams aim to win in their career. After all being the world champions is one of the most coveted trophies and being known as the world champions is really a wonderful feeling.

Of late some unwanted elements like match fixing has come to the fore and this has made the game unpopular in some corners. During the world cup which is currently being played in West Indies the murder of bob Woolmer, the Pakistan coach has damaged the reputation of the game. It is rumored that Woolmer was murdered because he had lots of information about match fixing in the cricket world as he was about to tell the world about this. Nonetheless the event is still being continued and the four semi finalists have bend decided. It is now going to be Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Sri Lanka who will fight for the top honor in the world of cricket. It is not long when we will come to know which team is the champion in the field of cricket.

Ella Wilson


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Learn how to bat a defensive shot on the front foot with expert tips and advice on playing cricket in this free video series on sports.

Duration : 0:1:9

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